Friday, July 26, 2013


Growing squash, gourds and zucchini have been an adventure this year.  I put the sugar pie pumpkins and birdhouse gourds in early this season.  They were able to enjoy all the rain.  They are sitting next to the garden, outside of the fence, on a hill.  I haven't seen any pumpkins yet, but here are some pictures of the gourds, all different sizes.  I also included a picture of the gourd flower because, 1) it is SO different than the squash flowers and 2) it is just beautiful.

I put the zucchini and spaghetti squash in about a month ago, a little later than I normally would have. The reason I did it this way was because I usually have some sort of issue when I start them too early, I thought that maybe if I put them in later, I would skirt that issue.  (keeping my fingers crossed)  I also had a volunteer yellow crookneck come up outside of the beds next to the fence.  Here are pictures of those plants.




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