Thursday, May 23, 2013

types of trellis'

The following bean trellis was bought at Stone Brother's and Byrd in downtown Durham.  It can be used for tomatoes but the beans/peas are just loving it.

bean trellis- top view

beans growing up the trellis
I decided to trellis the cucumbers because many people walk around the garden and I wanted make sure they the majority of the plant grew up instead of out. The trellis was made with left over chicken wire and (6) 3' metal fence posts.  The only reason that is not straight is because I didn't want to fight the chicken wire to straigten it out. Some of the cucumbers are growing through it on their own and some I am helping a bit.
cucumber trellis
Is there a type of trellis you like to use? If so, leave me a comment. I always love new ideas. 

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